Induction to Pete’s PR Hall of Fame

15 03 2008

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I have been blogging on and off since 2001 and have been meaning to start a proper blog for sometime. The focus of this one is to look at the best PR from the UK and around the world and to highlight some of the best creative PR out there each work day. I also thought it might be nice to give credit where it’s due for the hard working agencies and in-house teams behind the scenes where possible. I’m sure that anyone reading this who is in PR or who has been in it will be familiar with their friends/ mothers asking:

‘where’s you name in that piece?’.

‘Er… it doesn’t quite work like that,’ comes the embarrassed reply.

So here’s your chance to tell me if you’re behind the news that day and to flag to the rest of the industry that your work has been proudly entered into Pete’s PR Hall of Fame.

I truly believe that great PR that really communicates your clients key messages can be as good as a winner of the Turner prize – here’s your chance to flag to me and my readers the best PR stunts, outrageous virals and new ideas that have been used to take your clients to the front of the national press.




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